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Welcome to Mercury FX

Established in 1975, Mercury FX International has emerged at the forefront of the Foreign Exchange Industry, maintaining exceptional levels customer service spanning four decades.
Not only do we offer a first class service, but commission free bank busting rates! We are always happy to negotiate as we know that we offer the best deals around. Why not call to find out how much we can save you...

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Whether you are travelling on vacation or sending money abroad, Mercury FX Intl is vastly cheaper than any such service from a typical high street bank, post office or travel agent. Afterall we specialise in this area, it is the core of our business not just a sideline. With 5 branches all over London, we also offer a high degree of convenience...more
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Whether you are making regular payments or just a single payment abroad, Mercury FX Intl is the right choice. Not only do we have the best exchange rates in the market but we provide you with your own personal contact within Mercury FX to oversee the transaction right through to completion...more