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Moving Abroad

Moving house can be a strain at the best of times, but moving abroad adds several other areas of concern. We offer several financial services that are geared at taking the uncertainty out of the financial side of the move, enabling you to move forward and get on with the more enjoyable aspects. We first allocated you a dedicated account manager to oversee the process to completion. Your account manager will be available to discuss which options best suit your individual circumstances, taking into consideration where and when you intend to move.

'Hedging your bets'

With MercuryFX Intl, foreign currency exchange needn't be a gamble. Hedging is the term given to an investment that is designed to protect the value of another investment. In this case the investment to protect would be your capital, and the way of protecting it would be to fix the exchange rate at a pre-agreed level for a set periond of time, allowing you to know the value of your currency when it comes to finalising your property deal.

Whats more, on top of our industry leading rates, there are no international transfer fees. All our transfers are safe and secure, with full verification of receipt available upon completion. If you would like to know more please feel free to call, without obligation, and discuss any areas of interest you might have.

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