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Buying a property overseas

How we can help:

Making a large purchase such as an overseas property can prove daunting at the best of times. Mercury FX Intl has assisted countless people complete international property transactions through the years, building up a wealth of experience in foreign financial processes and excellent professional relations with banking institutions around the globe

Not only are our rates market leading, but as our client you'll be able to sit back and relax knowing that you've made the right choice with Mercury FX Intl. Once you charge Mercury FX Intl with handling your transaction, you're allocated a member of staff who is dedicated to the management of your account, overseeing all your transactions through to completion. These responsibilities will include:

  • Offering the best exchange rates
  • Transmitting the payment to its destination using the fastest methods
  • Monitoring the monetary transfer through to completion

Excellent rates

At Mercury FX Intl, we know our rates are the best around which is why we're happy to discuss them with our clients. Not only do we beat all high street banks, but the savings made can run into hundreds of pounds or more depending on the transaction size, and top of this there is no charge! Our main concern is to complete all transactions to the highest standards in terms of economy, speed and efficiency and simply move on to the next, knowing that we have just made someones day...

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If you would like to inform Mercury FX Intl of your requirements, please feel free to call us on +44 (0) 20-7723-9494.

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