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Currency services for importers

How we can help

Getting payment to your overseas suppliers via your bank can be a complicated and costly process. Furthermore, currency fluctuations can seriously affect margins on imported goods and services. We understand your business needs to get these things right - and our expert account managers can help you get the best from your overseas payments.

  • Highly competitive exchange rates, wherever you are transferring to or from
  • Forward contracts and hedging services to protect margin.
  • Specialist dealer assigned to your account.
  • Market monitoring service.
  • Immediate execution of trades.
  • Stop loss and limit order facilities.
  • Real time information- proactively delivered and constantly updated.
  • US$, Euro, GBP can be delivered same day value

What do I do next?

If you wish to talk to us about your requirements, call us on +44 (0) 20-7723-9494 and ask for the Commercial Desk. Alternatively, use our Call-Me-Back facility and we will get in touch straight away. We would be pleased to help you.

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