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Escrow Services with Mercury FX International

About Escrow

To fulfill our escrow services, Mercury FX Intl acts a neutral third party to provide safekeeping in regards to cash assets pending fulfillment of contractually bound conditions.

Using an escrow service acts as a safeguard, for example when dealing with a new supplier of foreign goods where there is still a level of uncertainty as to the reputation of said supplier or quality of goods ordered. In effect payment is delayed until both parties have reached a mutually agreed level of completion.

Mercury FX Intl regularly carries out escrow services for many clients in the import and export industry, and is happy to provide advice should a client wish to consider entering such an agrement. Please contact us should you wish to further discuss how Mercury FX Intl can help to not only save you money, but save your money.

If you would like to inform Mercury FX intl of your requirements, please feel free to call us on +44 (0) 20-7723-9494.

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